Top 10 Schools in Canada to apply for Scholarship

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Canada is renowned for its high-quality education system and diverse, inclusive environment. Many international students aspire to study in Canada due to its excellent academic institutions and various scholarship opportunities. In this article, we will explore the top 10 schools in Canada where aspiring students can apply for scholarships to pursue their higher education dreams. However you can also read our previous article on How To Get a Canada Study Permit in 2023

1. University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto is globally recognized for its academic excellence. It offers a wide range of scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students, including the prestigious Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship for exceptional international students.

2. University of British Columbia:

UBC, located in Vancouver, is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. It provides several merit-based scholarships for international students, such as the International Leader of Tomorrow Award.

3. McGill University:

McGill University in Montreal is renowned for its research programs and diverse community. The university offers numerous scholarships, including the McGill Entrance Scholarship Program, which supports outstanding students from around the globe.

4. University of Alberta:

The University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, is known for its innovative research and scholarship opportunities. It provides a variety of scholarships for international students, encouraging academic excellence and research contributions.

5. University of Waterloo:

Waterloo is renowned for its cooperative education programs and technological innovation. The university offers scholarships like the President’s Scholarship of Distinction for international students, recognizing their academic achievements.

6. University of Calgary:

The University of Calgary, in Alberta, provides scholarships to attract top-notch international students. The President’s Admission Scholarship for International Students is one such opportunity that supports exceptional students in their academic journey.

7. McMaster University:

McMaster, located in Hamilton, Ontario, offers several scholarships for international students. The McMaster University Entrance Awards recognize outstanding academic achievement and community involvement among applicants.

8. Queen’s University:

Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, is known for its strong emphasis on research and student engagement. The university provides various scholarships, such as the Queen’s University International Scholarships, to support international students in their studies.

9. York University:

York University, located in Toronto, offers a range of scholarships to attract bright minds worldwide. The Global Leader of Tomorrow Award and the International Entrance Scholarship are some opportunities for international applicants.

10. University of Ottawa:

The University of Ottawa, situated in the heart of Canada’s capital, provides scholarships for international students, recognizing their academic achievements and contributions. The President’s Scholarship is one of the prestigious awards offered to outstanding students.


Studying in Canada is a dream for many international students, and these top 10 schools provide excellent scholarship opportunities to help turn this dream into reality. Aspiring students should explore the specific eligibility criteria and application processes for each scholarship to increase their chances of receiving financial aid for their education in Canada. By choosing one of these esteemed institutions and applying for scholarships, students can embark on a transformative educational journey in one of the world’s most welcoming and academically vibrant countries.